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Printing Machine


Campolina offers Printed Stickers and Labels In Every Color, Shape & Size. From small orders by individuals to the bulk needs of giant businesses. Campolina is equipped to fulfill and handle custom label and product sticker orders of all types. Best of all, Campolina provides extremely quick turnaround for all your printing needs.

Our advanced printing technology produces custom printed stickers and labels in an incredible variety of color, providing you creative freedom with your label design. Our stickers for products can involve photo-quality images and graphics. Additionally, Campolina offers variable printing and consecutive numbering. No matter what your custom sticker design entails, Campolina can present it perfectly on attractive, durable labels.


  • We radiate excellence in everything we do

  • We are ethical in even our smallest operations.

  • We produce zero-error value-added products.

  • We strive to deliver the finest quality to our clients.

  • We consistently strive for reducing the lead time to deliver the packaging with speed.

  • We develop lasting, positive and synergistic relationships with people.

  • We are committed to the END-RESULTS desired by our clients.

  • We produce our products and services at an economical price.

  • We constantly look for opportunities to serve our customers.

  • We take care of our customers at all times.


We, at Campolina, firmly believe in the following values and are determined to perform all our business activities in alignment with these values. Our values give us certain respect, identity, recognition, and credibility.

  • We believe in integrity and honesty in all our actions.

  • ‘Customer First’ is the dictum that is followed across the organization. We deliver the highest value for their money.

  • Supreme Quality is what we aim to deliver – every time!

  • Innovation is our fuel that drives all our activities.

  • We always strive to deliver in the shortest time.

  • We give immediate responses!

  • Employee satisfaction and well-being are of the utmost importance to us.

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